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Sat, Jul. 28th, 2007, 12:33 pm
trishymouse: Stillborns

Isis had her babies last night. We're not sure what was wrong, but they were small and weak, and some stillborn. Only four pups. One lived awhile, and we put it on a warm pad, gently rubbed/stimulated it, and tried to give it little drops of Pediasure. Isis wouldn't take care of it. She wasn't ready to nurse anyways, which is probably the reason. I think she dropped them too soon. It was so sad. We will try to breed her and Chaucer again after she recovers. I hope it was just an anomoly, and not a genetic predisposition. Here's hoping, because they would be such wonderful to breed together.
I shall always remember the one who struggled to live - he had such cute, tiny whiskers...

I want to try again, but am very concerned. Advice very welcomed!

Thu, Aug. 9th, 2007 03:19 pm (UTC)

Did you clean out cage/change her cage/move the cage position?

Do you think she had a high base level of stress?

Any other ratties in the cage with her?

I dont know the answer but I'd be interested to know as well.

Condolences, as thats a fairly icky thing to go thru!
Ive just had 13 healthy bubs, we couldnt be in more opposite circumstances!!