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Thu, May. 31st, 2007, 03:47 pm
arnica: Shipping issues (cross posted to rat lovers)

I'm having a smal breakdown. I'm moving out of state soon. Very soon, as in probally a few weeks soon, from Maine to North Carolina. This would normally be a non-issue except I no longer drive and need to ship my babies (a total of 15 rats total 6 girls, 4 boys and five babies) with me. I don't want to ship them by airline as cargo because I'm worried the air pressure will hurt my babies. Any good ideas on how to move them?

Fri, Jun. 1st, 2007 10:45 am (UTC)

Live animals are not shipped with baggage. They are kept in pressurized, temp controlled compartments.

I've used continental airlines with success, plus they don't require a health certificate which saves some money. You can have the rats in the same carrier, in separate compartments. Most breeders ship using a special shipping crate (Like Sugar Glider breeders do), but I have also made my own compartment, out of 1/4 inch hardware mesh like this:

With continental, you can also attach 2 carrier together... I've never done that but some carrier types snap together. Then it counts as one box, but each sex is in a differnt container.