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Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007, 12:19 pm
khep: Do You Just Run Away?

I am not a rat breeder currently, but I am doing a load of research in the meantime! I'm also new to this community, and have a question for you...

One of the most BEAUTIFUL rats I have ever seen was for adoption in a pet store. It was a little Mom and Pop seeming pet store, and I walked in while waiting for a bus. The rat was an adult male dumbo, with a stunning orange coat. The closest I have come to finding a coat like it would be an Aussie Cinnamon or Fawn coat, but it was more of a light bright orange than either, and it stood out. I don't know how to descibe it exactly, but *gorgeous*. If you wanted to work with the color of that rat, would you have ever used it (a pet store/rescue adoptee) as a sire, or would you have just gnawed at your wrists a little bit and run away?

I fully understand wanting to breed pairs with known lineage, and good temperment, and good health, and absolutely support that- but I'm curious. What would you do? :)
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Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007 08:21 pm (UTC)

Since your in CO, I'm wondering if the "good" breeder who produced the MC baby, is one who has a DEPLORABLE reputation, and lies about where her rats are from, including putting false pedigrees on her rats.... the lady I'm thinking of breeds dominant HW lines, and is NOT a respected breeder at all. She's actually one of the few 'hated' breeders among the general rat fancy.

There are not many good breeders at all in CO sadly.

All your comments about breeders is based on speculation, and your own personal ethics. Ethical, responsible breeders keep in touch with adopters, track their lines, and don't dump off retired rats. Yes, good breeders are few and far between, but good, ethical breeders is what this community is promoting, and about. Ethical, reputable breeders don't cull out rats, and do track lines they are breeding for health, longevity, and temperament.
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Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)

You as a breeder, get to choose your ethics. That's your decision.

I generally keep 2 babies out of litters, and don't tend to breed more than 1 litter every 2 months. I've actually been breeding more than usual, preparing a few shipments to other breeders, plus am breeding co-litters with other local breeders which are not being raised in my home.

I do agree, more breeders need to have links to rats on pedigrees, and keep updates on their sites of past rats. I was good about this before my pregnancy, but have since updated my pages, to have updated info on past rats on my site, and am still working on that. After 10 years of breeding, it's a lot of work!

Most my communication with breeders is private though, not based on their websites. With the joys of unlimited cell mins, and IM services, it's much easier to ask questions, rather than having to wade through websites... most breeders don't ave web building skills, so do not keep indepth info online.

Some breeders do pet place their past rats, but again they keep in touch. I've had very little trouble keeping intouch with past adopters, and also if you as a breeder make the steps to contact past adopters every few months, I've learned it keeps you fresh on their mind, and they will send out updates. I've not found it hard to send out even a form "Hey how are the kids doing?" note to past adopters. I've been doing this for years with great success! Hell, I'll even keep in touch with people I know who have rats related to my rats, placed by other breeders! How hard is it to send out a quick friendly note??

As for the culling notes, it'd be best if you use the term "pet place". Yes "culling" is a loose term, but in the pet fancy implies putting down otherwise healthy animals. Yes I do "cull" pet quality animals.... by pet placing.
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Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)

I'm in Oregon, and am an active member (and judge) in RatsPacNW. The OP, is also located in Oregon, within an hour from me, and is moving to a town about 30 mins from me.

In our case, there is no REASON to breed unknowns, when it's easy to keep up with other respected breeders, and be active in the local community. In her case, breeding unknown rats right off the bat would be a detriment to her reputation in the local rat community.

And as I said with keeping up with past pet adopters, I have had *NO* issues at all, and have only lost contact with a very small number of them in 10 years of breeding. I send out e-mails every few months to adopters, and that keeps me fresh on their minds too incase they have health problems, questions, or need some help. I sadly have been behind on updated my website, but I'm working on updating my past litter pages. As I said before, I have a kid, and had to put the website on the back burner for a few years.

One owner had to make a few month trip to Australia, and I watched her rats for her... otherwise they would have been rehomed as her family was from Oz and she was in school with no local friends not in the dorms... things like that are important to me. I enjoy being a 'part' of the lives of babies I adopt out. Recieving pics, and updates. I bond close to my rats, and can't imagine how some breeders DO "place and forget".

As I said, in CO there really isn't good breeders... sadly. It's become a rather "dead spot" which is a shame. Good breeders *are* few, and far between, but it is each breeders choice what type of breeder they wish to be. Only you, can choose your own destiny, and ethics. That's my philosophy on life atleast.

Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007 08:35 pm (UTC)

Hmm... I have been reading on the ethics of breeding rats and I was under the impression that culling was by majority used only under drastic circumstances (I personally disagree with culling, so perhaps I read with bias), and that breeders did contact people down the line if unhealthy traits began showing. I know I would. Perhaps we should just move to make this sort of communication an expectation :)

Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007 08:48 pm (UTC)

You are very much correct, as you will learn when you get to know REPUTABLE breeders :) Have you joined ratspacnw yet as I suggested?

Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007 09:00 pm (UTC)

Not yet, but thank you for the link! I have been thinking about creating a new yahoo account, and wanted to sort out whether to keep my old one or create another before adding the community :)
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Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)

Ah, yes, I hadn't heard the term culling amongst breeders as not equal to killing/euthanizing, thanks for the clarification.